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Air New Zealand Crew volunteer to help hotel in Houston

Air New Zealand crew members stranded at their hotel in Houston, Texas due to Hurricane Harvey have been helping out at their hotel. Eight pilots and 22 flight attendants stuck in the city noticed that their hotel has been under significant pressure due to hotel staff being unable to make it to work. The crew have spent time volunteering in three-hour shifts by preparing meals for other guests, delivering room service, doing laundry and vacuuming! Check out the photos of the crew including a captain doing laundry at the NZ Herald. Air New Zealand flies…

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US Electronics Ban on MidEast originating flights

– This morning US time, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and Transportation Security Administration (TSA) issued an emergency security directive banning on certain electronic gadgets being taken brought into cabins on some flights to the USA. Of course, we knew about the ban already, because Royal Jordanian tweeted about it yesterday! Where they got the information from and why they announced it is a mystery. They also were in error suggesting that the ban applied to US originating flights. There has been a suggestion they inadvertently published information from a TSA circular that was…

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Getting Exercise- A walking guide to world airports

I don’t like spending much time in airports. Every minute in an airport feels like a minute wasted! I mentioned last week, however, that I use spare time in airports to help build fitness whilst flying by using the experience to build toward my 7 to 10 thousand daily step goal. I even sacrifice riding in the airport shuttle trains to achieve this. As a train nut, this is a sacrifice! Walking also enables me to  people watch and plane spot. Let’s face it, using the time to get exercise is probably better than being a  couch…

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