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Air Malta Flight Fails to Soar

The choices for a direct flight between Milano, Italy and the stunning island of Malta were between Air Malta or Ryanair, who I avoid flying at all costs. I was keen to try Air Malta, the tiny flag carrier, which has been financially struggling for a long time. But, when I booked this flight, I hadn’t anticipated the October 3rd announcement that the current Air Malta will be shut down in March next year. To make matters “more interesting”, Italy had a general transport strike on the day I departed Milan, which caused delays or…

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Air New Zealand Crew volunteer to help hotel in Houston

Air New Zealand crew members stranded at their hotel in Houston, Texas due to Hurricane Harvey have been helping out at their hotel. Eight pilots and 22 flight attendants stuck in the city noticed that their hotel has been under significant pressure due to hotel staff being unable to make it to work. The crew have spent time volunteering in three-hour shifts by preparing meals for other guests, delivering room service, doing laundry and vacuuming! Check out the photos of the crew including a captain doing laundry at the NZ Herald. Air New Zealand flies…

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Special Meals Decoded- Descriptions and Ticketing Codes

Last week, I covered airline “Special Meals”. If you are ordering a special meal, you may want to know what the code is for one or be ready to read your ticket information for what the airline has scheduled as a meal for you. Just as the International Air Transport Association (IATA) allocates two letter codes for airlines (AA= American Airlines) and  three letter codes for airports (JFK = John F Kennedy, NY), they have created four letter standardised codes for meals which should cover every combination you will ever encounter! AVML – Asian Vegetarian Meal…

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All about Airline Special Meals

Just before the main meal service, the crew will be bustling along the aisle discreetly serving what are known in the industry as “special meals”. There are a bewildering range of special meals (IATA lists over 30 different types). Vegetarians and diabetics are usually covered as are those requiring Kosher, Halal or beef free. These can be split amongst five categories: Baby and Children Meals Dietary meals –  e.g. Diabetic, Gluten free, Low cholesterol Occasion meals e.g. Birthday Cake, Champagne Religious meals- Halal, Hindu, Kosher Vegetarian and Vegan meals A few tips on ordering a special meal:…

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App for food finding

Find. Eat. Drink. The great thing about this app is that it sources recommendations from industry insiders—the chefs, sommeliers, bartenders who work with food and drink for a living. Download one of the PDF guides for the city you’re traveling to and you’ll get all the info without roaming costs. Find. Eat. Drink. app, Free for Apple Related Posts Know your tipping

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