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Vanishing Skies: Airlines that collapsed in 2022

It has been a couple of years since I have been focussed on writing about vanishing airlines. The last couple of years have been a bit crazy, haven’t they? The airline industry in 2022 was marred by a mad scramble to get flights back across the world. For passengers, our experiences have been marked by crowded conditions, lost luggage, massive delays and high airfares. In the midst of that, several carriers went bust. Of the airlines, that ceased in 2022, two were ones I was really sad about (Comair/Kalulua). One had an interesting concept and…

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No time for 1time?

  The South African airline industry has had a very colourful and interesting selection of carriers. Now they really seem under pressure. Earlier in 2012,  airline Velvet Sky went into liquidation. The action was launched by oil company BP over unpaid bills. At the end of August, the carrier 1time which is estimated to have 15 per cent of the SA market,   filed for “Business Rescue” . This arrangement protects the airline from any creditor forcing it into liquidation while the new management team  tries rescue the carrier. 1time (which means in South Africa: “for real!” has…

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