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2011 Flying Highlights

I am Wild about Flying and thanks to my friend Tony (see separate story), I have a very accurate record of my travel. This means I know for a certainty, that as at today’s date I have flown 812 times in my life-   111 times in 2011.   Question: Do I need to fly 112 times next year? 111 times in a year is about twice per week. In total a scary 412 hours of my year was spent in aeroplanes- two and a half weeks!! Distance Flown I  travelled 304 560 km  (189 245 miles). That number is…

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Air NZ Struggling

My second favourite airline Air NZ has been losing $NZ1 million per week on long haul traffic. It is now investigating ways to cut $NZ100 million out of expenses. Some of the rumours I have heard are: reducing London flights  (NZ flies to Heathrow via Los Angeles and via Hong Kong every day) pulling out of London altogether handing sectors over from LAX and HK to Virgin Atlantic slashing hundreds of jobs halting all “large  projects” (the message from Air NZ CEO Rob Fyfe: “no sacred cows”) reducing the quality of meals and service in…

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Korean A380 for Seoul-LAX

Korean Air now has four Airbus A380s as of last Thursday. The newest A380 will undergo the usual tests and will start flying from Seoul/Incheon to Paris ( Mon, Wed, Fri) from 26 September until 29 October and to Los Angeles (every Tue, Thu, Sat) from 10 October 2011. I plan to fly the Seoul-Lax route in November. Anyone want to join me?

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Amazing Video of LAX landing

This awesome video  shows a commercial plane landing at dusk into Los Angeles International Airport. The video has been edited and sped up fitting all the action into under 5 minutes with very appropriate background music (Los Angeles by Sugarcult) that I find really cool. Some hate the music (hint: watch the video with the sound on mute, if that is you) The plane comes in from the northwest into Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) at an altitude of 10,000 feet (3 000 metres) the downwind leg is entered over the Santa Monica  VOR (VHF omnidirectional radio range) station the…

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