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Great Luggage App

I found a great tool this week called Luggage Limits. It is available on line at  and via Iphone and Android apps Type in airline, destination and origin and the site will tell you all of the airline’s luggage limits. You can check classes, carry on luggage sizes and luggage fees. They have a great tool which allows you to compare luggage between airlines on a particular route. Great for making decisions between carriers.   Related Posts Travel Tip: Don’t Check in baggage Travel Tip:  Take No Toiletries   Main Airline Fees How many Shoes do you travel with      

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My Passport is in my luggage

As I stood at the Check in counter, I watched a gentleman return to the check in counter in a very agitated state. He attempted to clamber onto the luggage conveyor belt over the check in desk and was grasping at bags. He was exclaiming loudly:  “I have left my passport in my luggage” Sigh! Passports never live in luggage, along with Medicines and Jewellery. The man was restrained from going any further with promises being made that his bag would be retrieved.

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