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I ride that Famous Train through a market (And how You can do it)

Have you see pictures or videos of that train which goes through a market in an Asian country?. As the train moves through the market, the market stands are moved out of its way.  Here is the market being set up again after the train has passed through: From the moment, I first saw such a video, I became obsessed with getting to that market. Finally, I have done it! Location and Orientation The market is a genuine working market located in Thailand in a town called Mae Klong which is just 70km (40 miles) from…

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What to see in Confronting Kanchanaburi- Home of the Thai-Burma Death Railway

Kanchanaburi juxtaposes two things. On the surface, it is a lovely relaxed riverside town in the west of Thailand which attracts tourists from all over Thailand and the world drawn to the natural beauty of the surrounding area. But the other drawcard is that the town is also the haunting centre of one of the most horrific projects of World War Two, the infamous Death Railway built from the River Kwai across Thailand and into Burma. 160,00o Asian forced labourers and Allied POWs worked on the bridge. Between 90,000 and 120,000 died during its construction in…

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