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WOW is gone..who is next?

WOW’s  rapid demise after seven years of flying trapped up to 4,000 passengers and crew were abandoned in destination cities around the globe. The impact of the collapse will be keenly felt in Iceland. There are currently six other airlines which should be concerning passengers: Adria – Slovenia’s national air carrier;  Star Alliance member Code: JP.   18 planes 1.2 million passengers, 18 destinations If you want to get to your destination on time, do not fly Adria. They reportedly cancel an average  of at least two flights per day due to ” crew shortages and…

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Pray for #Paris

In view of the situation in Paris, I have withdrawn my original post. Praying for our world and especially those impacted directly by these events. Paris is my favourite city in the world and I feel very sad for this day. May we work to create peace not division between all of us on this one small wonderful planet.

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Norwegian’s 787 frustration

Norwegian Air Shuttle have two Boeing 787s, which because of the 787 grounding were delivered in September, five months late. These two planes are being deployed on routes between Oslo and Stockholm to New York and Bangkok. This week, Norwegian grounded one of its 787s and demanded that Boeing fix the plane. The incident follows claims that Norwegian are experiencing an on time performance rate of only 49 per cent after a string of break downs in its first month of service. The incidents have included electrical faults and hydraulic issues. Norwegian have had to…

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787 situation gets more serious

The 787 grounding has now been in place for a month and it looks like Boeing faces months more. The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) has indicated that it will be weeks  before it identifies the causes of the thermal runaway in the 787’s lithium-ion-batteries. Boeing conducted a second test flight of the 787 from Seattle’s Boeing field across Washington state last Monday for an  hour and 29 minutes. The flight was uneventful. Boeing advised that the flight data is being analysed but did not release any details. Boeing is basically guaranteed not to be able to…

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787 still grounded

It has now been over a week since the 787 flew. For the eight carriers that have the 787 in service, another week of no revenue from the plane. The National Transportation Safety Board investigators have not yet found the reason for the  January 7 fire at Boston airport. U.S. safety investigators ruled out last Sunday that the cause came from was  excess voltage and expanded their investigation to look at the battery’s charger and the jet’s auxiliary power unit. One of the most chilling learnings for me was that Securaplane, the company that makes the charger suffered millions…

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Norwegian selling 787 Tickets

Norwegian Air Shuttle  began selling tickets for their New York JFK and Bangkok Boeing 787 services on Thursday November 8 for flights from May 30th, 2013. Some very cheap seats were available -and they were selling fast. The carrier will fly between Oslo (Norway) and Stockholm (Sweden) three times a week. Seats on Norwegian’s 787 will be nine across 3-3-3 in economy class with a 31″ pitch. The airline is also introducing a Premium Cabin on the 787,  configured six across 2-2-2 with a 46″ pitch. Up to now, the airline has been all one class.…

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