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Eva vs Austrian Premium Economy Dilemma!

Found a great airfare between Europe and Austria with Eva, the Taiwanese five star airline for a seat in Premium Economy. Ticks a few boxes. Great value for money, a five star airline, a new carrier for me and Star Alliance for points earning. Oh and a cool looking amenity kit! I was close to booking this fare, when another Star Alliance carrier’s Premium Economy product popped up. This time it was Austrian for a price point much lower than Eva’s. They use older planes (often on a 767 – which I love). I hear…

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Alice Springs Surrounds- a Central Australia Journey

Entering the Centre of Australia is like entering a whole new world. The landscapes are alien, the animal unusual, the flies relentless, the stars stunning and the visitors surprisingly few. When people think of the centre of Australia, they often only think of Uluru, regarded as the spiritual heart of the continent. I have had the privilege of visiting “The Rock” five times in my life. It is a is mind blowingly wonderful place. The town of Alice Springs, 500 kilometers from Uluru, is home to a number of impressive sights which I am exploring…

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WOW is gone..who is next?

WOW’s  rapid demise after seven years of flying trapped up to 4,000 passengers and crew were abandoned in destination cities around the globe. The impact of the collapse will be keenly felt in Iceland. There are currently six other airlines which should be concerning passengers: Adria – Slovenia’s national air carrier;  Star Alliance member Code: JP.   18 planes 1.2 million passengers, 18 destinations If you want to get to your destination on time, do not fly Adria. They reportedly cancel an average  of at least two flights per day due to ” crew shortages and…

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