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Your Seat is Never Guaranteed- The Weird United “unboarding”

The world is aghast at the sight of airport security officials hauling David Dao. a passenger the airline described as  “belligerent” off a plane at Chicago airport. It is likely you will have seen the videos of the guy being dragged down the aisle of the Embraer. I suspect the travelling world has paid more attention to this incident than the children being bombed to death in Syria or the people starving in Somalia or the gay men being rounded up and put in concentration camps in Chechnya. I suppose because we can all relate more…

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United opens up to hear from us

United is the airline, I love to hate. And I am not alone. Their on-time arrival performance declined  in 2014 while their mishandled baggage rate increased. The airline had a higher customer complaint rate in 2014 compared to 2.14  in 2013. Brent D. Bowen and Headley in their 2015 Airline Quality Ratings gave them ninth place out of 12 US carriers. Skytrax customers have given them a 3/10 rating. Since new CEO, Oscar Munoz took over in dramatic circumstances, just three weeks ago, he has been reaching out to try and change the airline. He has…

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