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Thailand curfew lifted

Thailand‘s military government has fully lifted the nationwide curfew it imposed after seizing power last month. They announced that there is no threat of violence and tourism needs to be revived. Good timing for the World Cup!   Related Posts Being in Busy Bangkok Thai Curfew Times Relaxed Martial Law in Thailand- Staying Safe [Updated] Thai Army takes full control in Coup -imposes curfew.

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Being in Busy Bangkok

“you’re going to Thailand…in a coup?” My friends were incredulous. After all news of a coup conjures up images of danger, disorder and degeneration. My friends were not alone in their fears. Tourism arrivals fell 20% in the first week after the Thai coup, some airlines have canceled  flights into Bangkok and most tourist spots are way less busy. The capital itself is operating pretty normally, the army presence is minimal and apart from the curfew (which has now been lifted in some beach side areas) tourists have been largely unaffected. Remember, this is not the first…

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