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Impressive Packing: 12 months (130 items) of necessities into a carry on

In this impressive video, Rachel Grant packs over 100 items including 23 dresses plus shoes and toiletries into a small suitcase. There are some great packing tips including: using space saving packing cubes placing rubber bands around shoes rolling clothes using zip lock bags stuffing shoes with balled socks Lots to learn here even if you have been a long time traveller. I am not sure that the carry on would comply with most airline weight limits, however. (yes I know it is an ad for a bag but its still impressive!)   Related Posts…

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MH370- Reunion gives news but not answers

The news that part of an aeroplane has washed up on the shore of the Island of Réunion last Wednesday gives little comfort to families and friends of those who were on Malaysia Airlines 370 that disappeared on March 8, 2014. Confirmation by Malaysia on Friday, that the part is a flaperon and is indeed from a Boeing 777 tells us that it is likely that the plane did indeed end up in the sea. It does not tell us how, where or why. (See wsj: What is a flaperon?) Additional information emerged that a suitcase was…

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Seven things not to pack

After two million+ kilometres (1.4 million miles) of flying, I have developed a list of what not to pack. Not being a fan of checking in a suitcase, I have refined my list again and again. Now, I check a suitcase once every 30 flights. These are invariably flights home to Australia with items bought as holiday gifts!   1. Every Electronic Gizmo I don’t really need a camera, two phones, an ipad, a kindle and a laptop. Travelling with multiple gadgets creates more possibilities to lose or forget things and increases the possibility of target…

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