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United and Continental – Married at last!

Once upon a time there was a USA airline that I really liked.   Texas based Continental Airlines flew to 140 cities with an attitude to service I really liked. Between 1991 and 2001, I flew Continental the equivalent of two trips around the world. I ranked them consistently the best US “legacy” airline for a while In the same story was Continental’s beau- United airlines.  I have long had a love hate relationship with them. Flew United a lot but don’t ever feel I really bonded – especially when they served me up some of the worst flights I have been on. I have travelled 103,586…

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United & Continental Unite

Readers of my blog will know I have very low regard for United Airlines. They are not my worst airline but close. See my last devastating review of United. I have just flown United 13 times in March and they were scarily impressive. I was wondering how much of this is because of the United Continental merger? United Airlines and Continetal are merging to form the world’s biggest airline. The merged airline will be called United. In other words adios “Continental” name. The planes post merger will, however, carry the Continental colours and logo (see picture from the…

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