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Bali’s Mount Agung Volcano Disrupts- What to do if affected.

 The Indonesian disaster management agency has raised the threat level for Mount Agung (around 75km from Bali’s tourist hub of Kuta) to the highest possible level 4, amid fears of a greater eruption. Ash up to half a centimeter thick has settled on villages around the volcano and masks were distributed on the weekend. Rumbling can be heard up to 12km away. Since July 2017, Agung has been discharging volcanic gases after being inactive since 1964.  Its eruption in 1963 killed 1,549 people when Agung spewed ash ten kilometres into the air with lava flowing seven kilometres from the…

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Darwin Flights to resume after Volcanic disruption

Flights will resume late Sunday local time, from Darwin airport in Australia after ash from a volcano eruption in Southern Indonesia closed airspace for hundreds of kilometres. The volcano, which erupted on Friday, is 1373km northwest of Darwin on the Indonesian island of Sumbawa. It is roughly halfway between Bali and Timor. The volcano was reportedly erupting up to 15 kilometres (nine miles) in the air. Some tourists slept on the floor of the airport. For information on departures from the airport, check here.

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