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Don’t carry a Money Belt

It seems it is almost compulsory for a tourist on their first overseas trip, to carry a money belt.  Every travel goods shop will tell you that you have to have one. I don’t do it!  I tried for a few trips. I wore the one around my neck and the one around my waist.  With relief, I abandoned the practice for the following reasons: 1. Nothing spells “Target” more than a money belt. I try to look like I belong wherever I visit and money belts blow that! Thieves can see them, shopkeepers see…

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The Fake Wallet

This is a trick I have never had to experience. Carry a second wallet while traveling with a couple of fake or expired credit cards and money in small denominations. If mugged,I am told throw the wallet two metres away from your attacker in the opposite direction of where you will then run. Throw and run. They will go for the wallet while you make your escape. My fear is that I will throw  the wrong wallet. Of course, being aware of your surroundings, looking confident, not wearing expensive jewellery can also reduce your risks.

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