The Fake Wallet

This is a trick I have never had to experience.

Carry a second wallet while traveling with a couple of fake or expired credit cards and money in small denominations. If mugged,I am told throw the wallet two metres away from your attacker in the opposite direction of where you will then run. Throw and run. They will go for the wallet while you make your escape. My fear is that I will throw  the wrong wallet.

Of course, being aware of your surroundings, looking confident, not wearing expensive jewellery can also reduce your risks.



  1. why don’t you just have all the fake stuff with a rubber band and throw that? Lots of people don’t use a wallet…how fast can you run?

  2. I find in s.e. asia wearing well warn ( on the verge of crappy) shoes does the trick, they look down the shoes and figure not a worthwhile target)

  3. I actually tried something similar last week. I was in Rio and put small bills and wallet in one pocket, and CreditCards/Big bills in the other. I thought I’d give them the wallet if I got mugged.

    Sure enough, had a knife pulled on me while cornered. I tried to reach for the small bills but they quickly went after my other pockets as well.

    Someone intervened and I got out of there clean, but…

    just not worth it in hindsight. It is only money. Give it up and move on; not worth your Liver.


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