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Know anything about Lyft

Has anyone used Lyft? Lyft is a smartphone app that seems to match drivers with people looking for rides in several key cities across the USA. When the ride ends, the app automatically charges payment from the passenger’s saved credit card. Lyft also provide drivers with additional excess insurance, including a $1M liability insurance. The company says: “Passengers and drivers rate each other. If you rate someone 3 stars or below, you’ll never be matched with them again.” I am curious to know if it works. I also could not see pricing on the website. Any information or…

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The Fake Wallet

This is a trick I have never had to experience. Carry a second wallet while traveling with a couple of fake or expired credit cards and money in small denominations. If mugged,I am told throw the wallet two metres away from your attacker in the opposite direction of where you will then run. Throw and run. They will go for the wallet while you make your escape. My fear is that I will throw  the wrong wallet. Of course, being aware of your surroundings, looking confident, not wearing expensive jewellery can also reduce your risks.

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Credit Card Compatibility Fails

In Washington DC, last week, I inserted my Visa card into a subway ticket machine to buy a metro card so I could ride the trains. The machine requested I type in my five digit zip code. I don’t have one as it is an Australian card. I entered the four digits of my Australian postal code. Not accepted. So I tried again but added a “0”at the start of the four digits. Believe it or not, this sometimes works in other machines! Not accepted, this time. I then entered 00000 which I have also successfully used in some other machines. I still could not use…

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Hotel Lock Out

Recently, my partner and I stayed at a small rural hotel in Australia’s Sunshine Coast. Check in was pleasant and friendly. We dumped our bags in the room, had a shower and went out to dinner. As I reached into my pocket in the restaurant at about 1020pm for the car keys to return to the hotel, I realised that I did not have the room key. I immediately rang the hotel and got the voice mail of reception.  I left a detailed message and then rang again 30 minutes later. When we arrived at the hotel at…

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American Airlines Ticketing #Fail!

I  have just used Kayak to research a flight: Austin-Pittsburgh-Boston. The best option price and schedule- wise was an American Airlines/USAir combo sold by American Airlines for $US357.60 in Economy. Kayak gave me a link to American Airlines which I clicked on. This deposited me on the onto the American Airline homepage ( I entered all my personal data and scrolled through to payments page where I entered my Credit Card details including address.  I discovered, at this point that there was not a drop down box for “Australia”. I could enter “USA”, “Canada” or the “UK” but not “Australia”. So I called…

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