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I love these Southwest ads with Lipsyncing Employees

I am a sucker for airline commercials. I like the new Southwest ones which feature their staff lip syncing. I do wish they were really singing! The one above shows the employees (Customer Service Agent Michelle and Ramp Agent Matt) seeing the ad they performed in for the first time! In this one, the podium dancers are Alphonso, Las Vegas-based Flight Attendant, and Melissa, Orlando-based Flight Attendant. Dallas-based, Southwest Airlines has been flying for 45 years. It now has 715 Boeing 737s flying to 98 destinations across the USA, Mexico and the Carribean. I have…

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After 299 times, I still don’t like the B737!

There are many reasons to like the Boeing 737. It is reliable. It is prolific (over 8,500 built). It has been around for almost 50 years. It has a fantastic safety record. It is fuel efficient.  It is not an unattractive plane to look at. I have never liked it. This week I reached a milestone with my 299th flight on a 73. There is no other plane I have been on as many times. The 737 has taken me 340,000km (212,000) to 91 airports on five continents. I have disembarked as far south as Queenstown,…

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The airlines that failed in 2014

Overall, fewer carriers seemed to fail in 2014. For many airlines, it was  a much more profitable year. Of concern was how many of the carriers that collapsed were only flying for months.  I am tempted to call 2014 “the Year of the shortlived airline”. Air One Italy: 23 November, 1995 to 30 October, 2014 Fleet: 10   Alitalia’s low cost subsidiary never quite made sense. Following the takeover of Alitalia by Etihad, Air One was shut down. AirTran USA: 26 October, 1993 to 28 December, 2014 Fleet: 138 Destinations:  72 (at peak) On 28…

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Non allocated Seating Dead?

In the early days of Low Cost Carriers, non allocated seating was the norm. With Ryanair’s announcement of allocated seating from February, 2014, there are few airlines that continue to offer it. Easyjet made the transition to alllocated seating last year. Jetstar did it in 2011. Air Asia followed on 2012. Southwest continue to offer it but their boarding system is now so complicated it may as well be a form of allocation! Now airlines (Low cost and full service) almost universally offer seat allocation on line. Some carriers charge a fee for advance seat…

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Crazy Week

Two things about this week: The first is I have a crazy schedule: five US cities in five days with flights from Auckland, New Zealand to Melbourne, Australia. Will be flying Qantas, United, Delta, JetBlue and Southwest. The second is that I will fly the 900th flight of my life! Sadly, not a very exciting flight on  a Delta connection to Richmond, Virginia. Check out my flight memory which tracks where I have flown. I have now flown over two million kilometres (1.2 million miles). That is almost 53 times around the world! Related Posts Two Million…

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2011 Flying Highlights

I am Wild about Flying and thanks to my friend Tony (see separate story), I have a very accurate record of my travel. This means I know for a certainty, that as at today’s date I have flown 812 times in my life-   111 times in 2011.   Question: Do I need to fly 112 times next year? 111 times in a year is about twice per week. In total a scary 412 hours of my year was spent in aeroplanes- two and a half weeks!! Distance Flown I  travelled 304 560 km  (189 245 miles). That number is…

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