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May Travels: A Whirlwind Adventure-crazy month

May was a crazy month, packed with adventures, new experiences, and 29 flights through 16 airports with visits to 11 cities! Almost every city had its unique charm, and every flight offered a different story. I went from the furthest northern point of Spokane, Washington, USA (approximately 47.6588° N) to the southern city of Hobart, Tasmania, Australia (approximately 42.8821° S) via Portugal, Philippines, and Japan! I ran in my sixth Bloomsday Race in Spokane, visited friends in vibrant Seattle and bustling Dallas, got to know the charming city of Des Moines, explored the hidden gems…

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I love these Southwest ads with Lipsyncing Employees

I am a sucker for airline commercials. I like the new Southwest ones which feature their staff lip syncing. I do wish they were really singing! The one above shows the employees (Customer Service Agent Michelle and Ramp Agent Matt) seeing the ad they performed in for the first time! In this one, the podium dancers are Alphonso, Las Vegas-based Flight Attendant, and Melissa, Orlando-based Flight Attendant. Dallas-based, Southwest Airlines has been flying for 45 years. It now has 715 Boeing 737s flying to 98 destinations across the USA, Mexico and the Carribean. I have…

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Airlines add 380s to Dallas

In the last two weeks, Dallas Fort Worth (DFW), the USA’s fourth busiest airport, has had new very long distance Airbus 380 routes added. Qantas upgraded their non stop Sydney -DFW service to an A380 from a 747 on September 29th. This upgrade means that the longest scheduled commercial flight in the world is now served by the largest passenger jet in the world!  The flight is approximately  12, 200 km (8,600 miles). It takes 15 hours 35 mins from Sydney to DFW and 16hr 55mins from DFW due to the headwinds!  Thats a few movies on a flight advertised as…

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Prince flies Economy

There have been many news reports of Prince William, the Duke of Cambridge, flying Coach after attending a wedding in Memphis. He carried his own hand luggage onto the Dallas bound flight. The Prince was accompanied by his four bodyguards. He ordered a water on the flight. Why didn’t American Airlines upgrade William Windsor and a bodyguard? Or did he ask the airline not to? People were certainly impressed by the prince’s choice. eg US television reporter Eli Ross tweeted: “I am still amazed #Prince William flies COACH. That’s pretty humble/awesome. Who knew?”

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