Airbus Hail Storm


I have been in a bird strike where the windscreen of a small plane was shattered as were taking off from Kirkwall airport in the UK.

These images of what hail can do to an Airbus 330 are astounding. This must have been quite a storm. The Emirates A330-200  (registration A6-EAP) was en route from Dubai, UAE to Munich, Germany as flight EK501.  The plane went through a hail zone, 30 nautical miles south of Vienna, Austria. The crew decided to divert and landed safely at Prague, Czech Republic 40 minutes later. Passengers then travelled by bus for the rest of the journey, arriving at Munich, nine hours after their scheudled arrival.

A replacement A330-200 (registration A6-EKT) was dispatched from Dubai to Munich via Prague arriving 17 hours after the original scheduled arrival.

Have a look at the interior.

emirates hail stones prgaue isnide



Photo: Milan Cibulka

Photo: Milan Cibulka


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