The D36 Connection

My flight from Miami to Dallas (AA 495) departed out of Gate D36 at Miami Airport.

My connecting flight from Dallas to Vancouver departs from Gate D36 at Dallas Fort Worth Airport.

How often does that sort of coincidence happen?

Someone can probably work out the odds! It had me bemused!


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  1. Think you mean “amused,” unless you were confused or puzzled by this happenstance!

  2. No. I wasn’t very confused or puzzled! But it did lead me to be engrossed in thought for a while (see below)
    be·muse (b-myz)
    tr.v. be·mused, be·mus·ing, be·mus·es
    1. To cause to be bewildered; confuse. See Synonyms at daze.
    2. To cause to be engrossed in thought.

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