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Airlines add 380s to Dallas

In the last two weeks, Dallas Fort Worth (DFW), the USA’s fourth busiest airport, has had new very long distance Airbus 380 routes added. Qantas upgraded their non stop Sydney -DFW service to an A380 from a 747 on September 29th. This upgrade means that the longest scheduled commercial flight in the world is now served by the largest passenger jet in the world!  The flight is approximately  12, 200 km (8,600 miles). It takes 15 hours 35 mins from Sydney to DFW and 16hr 55mins from DFW due to the headwinds!  Thats a few movies on a flight advertised as…

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The D36 Connection

My flight from Miami to Dallas (AA 495) departed out of Gate D36 at Miami Airport. My connecting flight from Dallas to Vancouver departs from Gate D36 at Dallas Fort Worth Airport. How often does that sort of coincidence happen? Someone can probably work out the odds! It had me bemused!   Related Posts: Buenos Aires, Argentina Argentinean Altercations    

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Tuesday Trip Report: US Airways was okay!

US Airways is not one of my favourite airlines. In fact, they rate in my bottom ten airlines based on my experiences of their service over eight years. I have given them an overall 2.9 out of 5 after a decade of flying them. My experience is that every time I fly them they have got worse. A client of mine, booked me on US Airways from Houston to Richmond via Charlotte to get to an important meeting. This gave me a good chance to test them. Booking: 7/10 Upon receiving my booking confirmation, I logged onto to US Airways.com to find my seats. The…

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