Ear Grounded Me!

Somehow, I picked up an ear infection last week. On Thursday evening, I was meant to be flying for a short one hour flight but pulled the pin and postponed the trip because my ear did not feel right.  A visit to the doctor an hour later confirmed I did the right thing. The doctor told me that if I had flown,  I was at risk of damaging my ear drum. She also said there was a five per cent chance I could have caused permanent hearing damage. She prescribed no flying for seven days and a course of antibiotics and ear drops. What would you do in this situation? Would you risk flying?

The good news is that  I was back in Australia and not still on the South island of New Zealand. Getting from there to Melbourne by train or bus would have been somewhat problematic!

a train on the tracks

So no flying, this week! I am driving the 660km distance from Melbourne to Canberra in Australia on Monday. I will be taking  the Yass to Melbourne  train back mid week! 660km is twice the distance of London to Edinburgh! It is the same distance from Rome, Italy to Lucerne /Lucerne, Switzerland. Or about the same as driving from Long Beach, California to San Francisco, California.


  1. And the time to read your reply… and then my reply…

    Mark – fancy setting up with me an International Let’s Write Pointless Comments Day. For one day each year we encourage everybody to write a pointless comment to a random blog and then complain about the time it’s taken. I like to think of it as Social Inaction in action.

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