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CoronaVirus- Health Info Country by Country

The Coronavirus COVID-19 is here to stay for a while and so too are the rumours, myths and truths which seem to be spreading faster than  the virus. One way to monitor the situation is to check with government websites and the WHO (World Health Organisation site). Click below on the country name to access information material published by that country’s health authority. This map shows where the cases are. Check out also my embassy information page and my page on What to do to prepare for a potential disaster while travelling. Also see my…

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Do I wear a mask on the plane? Latest on staying healthy.

By now you will have seen the picture of the guy wearing a tent on his plane to protect himself from the corona-virus. Impractical, and uncomfortable but necessity is mother of invention! I cannot see them being sold by airlines as part of their onboard merchandise!   As someone who lives in Asia and travels extensively, I am following the news of the current coronavirus  now known as COVID-19 very closely. Here is as much info as possible to assist fellow travellers which does not include selling you a tent. What is COVID19 COVID 19…

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Ear Grounded Me!

Somehow, I picked up an ear infection last week. On Thursday evening, I was meant to be flying for a short one hour flight but pulled the pin and postponed the trip because my ear did not feel right.  A visit to the doctor an hour later confirmed I did the right thing. The doctor told me that if I had flown,  I was at risk of damaging my ear drum. She also said there was a five per cent chance I could have caused permanent hearing damage. She prescribed no flying for seven days and a course…

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