ANA downgrades their 787s

I wondered how long All Nippon Airways would maintain their roomier international 787 Econom Class. Unlike every other 787 operator , ANA and Japan Airlines opted for an a eight across 2-4-2 Economy layout. Everyone else (Ethiopian, Qatar and United) puts their passengers into a nine across 3-3-3 layout. ANA’s international 787s currently can carry 158 passengers: 46 in business and 112 in economy.

On its new 787s, ANA are adding a Premium Economy class with seven across seating arranged 2-3-2 The room will come from Economy shrinking from 14 rows of 8 across to 1o of 9 across plus two rows of six sears. . There willl now be 46 seats in business, 21 in Premium Economy and 102 in Economy. A total of 169 seats.

The carrier already have nine abreast economy on their very cozy 335 seat domestic 787 version (12 Business class and 323 Econmy).

ANA will start flying the 787 from Tokyo to Munich and Chicago (starting September 1), Seattle (September 20) , Shanghai (September 30) and Singapore (October 1).

It willl be interesting to see what Japan Airlnes do.


  1. The timing seems bad on this move with all the 787 problems. Maybe it’s just me.

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