Hyperloop – less hype- more real?


The hyperloop concept was unveiled earlier in 2013. It involves sitting in a capsule and being “fired” down a pressurised tube between two cities at 1100km/h (660pmh).


On Thursday a company “Hyperloop Transportation Technologies Inc” was established to have a prototype running by the end of 2015. The company is using a crowd source model to complete the work. 130 people have indicated an interest in company leadership. Hyperloop Transportation Technologies has also announced partnerships with:

  •  Ansys, which created some of the first software simulations of the rail and stated: they were “convinced that the Hyperloop is going to work
  • GloCal, a company that will help source materials and parts
  • SUPRASTUDIO, a UCLA design program

The project plan shows 16 steps over four sections:

  1. System
  2. Capsule
  3. Tube
  4. Manufacturing, Integration and testing

The team will need to show not only can a prototype work but it will be cheaper than rail/air alternatives. There have been many ideas of transport systems that have foundered. Will hyperloop succeed or join segways, shweebs, monorails and maglevs? – transport revolutions that have not quite happened.



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