MAS 370 could be in 634 places

If Malaysia Airlines MH 370 has landed, WNYC, a New York City public radio station, estimates it could have landed on 634 runways in 26 different countries.

“Data from X-Plane provides coordinates for runways around the world. A Boeing 777 pilot is quoted in Slate as estimating a runway length requirement of 5,000 feet [1.5km]. A recent Wall Street Journal article quoted sources stating the flight could have continued for 2,200 nautical miles [4074 kilometres] from its last known position.

The WNYC Data News team found 634 runways that meet these criteria, spread across 26 different countries, including such far-flung places as:
Bearing in mind that if the 777 had landed at a number of these locations, we would know about it (from Air Traffic control, aeroplane spotters or locals), narrows the number of possible airports dramatically. Why does this disappearance now feel like a Matthew Reilly novel?
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