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And Russia makes 77

I am filling in my globe with all of the countries, territories and regions I have visited.  With the addition of Russia this week, I have made it to 77 countries. I only count a country if I have left the airport. So while, I have transited through Doha and Johannesburg airports, I do not include Qatar and  South South Africa in my tally. I have been to about two thirds of the countries in both Asia and Europe and exactly half of all the nations in the Oceania region of the planet. African exploration…

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All of My 2016 Trip Reports

As mentioned earlier this month, I flew 119 times for business and pleasure last year with 20 airlines in 2016. Big highlights of the year were my first five flights on the 787 Dreamliner, my first flights with Sri Lankan, my 380th flight with Qantas, my 350th flight on a Boeing 737 and flying into the Maldives. Here are the year’s ten Trip Reports (oops I need to post more Trip Reports!): 2016’s Best flight: My 380th Qantas flight in A380 FIRST – My Flight Rating: 96%  (4.8 out of 5)  My 2nd 787: Thai Business Brisbane…

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The Many sides of Malé, tiny capital of the Maldives -with Top recommended sights

When people ask me to describe Malé, the capital city of the Maldives I say  “it is like no other place on earth“.  Maldives,  in fact, means “the islands of Malé’”. It was the King’s Island, the seat of the Maldivian Royal family from (at least) 1117 until 1968 with a couple of interruptions for republics and regencies.  The Maldives are made up  of 1192 tiny islands with a total land area of 298 sq km sitting in 90,000 square kilometres (35,000 sq mi) of Indian Ocean. Almost 400,000 people live in the country with about one-third (about 130,000) living in…

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MAS 370 could be in 634 places

If Malaysia Airlines MH 370 has landed, WNYC, a New York City public radio station, estimates it could have landed on 634 runways in 26 different countries. “Data from X-Plane provides coordinates for runways around the world. A Boeing 777 pilot is quoted in Slate as estimating a runway length requirement of 5,000 feet [1.5km]. A recent Wall Street Journal article quoted sources stating the flight could have continued for 2,200 nautical miles [4074 kilometres] from its last known position. The WNYC Data News team found 634 runways that meet these criteria, spread across 26 different countries, including such far-flung places as: Gan Airport (Maldives), Dalanzadgad Airport…

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