2 Grandmas fly for first time

This is an advertisement for a telephone company but I found it sweet, funny, poignant and touching.

It is the story of two older women who fly for the first time.

Ria Van den Brand, a 78-year-old grandma from the Netherlands prepared for flying by taking her first-ever roller coaster ride. That scene is priceless! Her late husband had a fear of heights so they never flew.

An Bernaards, 71, also had a serious fear of flying. She says: “You wouldn’t get me in one of those for any amount of money. I will just take the bus.” Just before her 72nd birthday she decided to fly because “If I don’t do this now, I never will. Sometimes opportunities come by in life that you just have to take.”An prepared to get airbourne by taking part in a flight simulator ride. This scene is more serious, as she reacts to simulated turbulence: “Uh ho“!

The pair then take a private jet to Spain. Watch their reactions at takeoff (5 mins 57)

On a videocall after her first flight, An tells her husband Jan (8 mins 19 secs): ‘It was a lot of fun. I really enjoyed it and the other lady’s so kind. It’s just like a dream”.  The images of them playing in Barcelona, their destination are so much fun!

When was your first flight? I was three years of age!

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