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And Russia makes 77

I am filling in my globe with all of the countries, territories and regions I have visited.  With the addition of Russia this week, I have made it to 77 countries. I only count a country if I have left the airport. So while, I have transited through Doha and Johannesburg airports, I do not include Qatar and  South South Africa in my tally. I have been to about two thirds of the countries in both Asia and Europe and exactly half of all the nations in the Oceania region of the planet. African exploration…

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The MH 17 Full Report (and summary)

As many have speculated, the Dutch Safety Board Report have found that a Russian made BUK missile brought down the plane. The missile travelling at three times the speed of sound exploded just above the cockpit of MH17 at an altitude of 10.1km (33, 000 feet). Eight hundred pre-formed fragments in the missile punctured the plane bringing it down in one and a half minutes. The three crew members in the cockpit were killed immediately. The Board found multiple missile fragments in their bodies. This video shows the painstaking reconstruction of the Malaysian 777:   The speed…

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MH 17 Revised Passenger List

Malaysia Airlines has revised its passengers list after verifying a further 21 of the 41 passengers whose nationality could not initially be verified. These passengers were previously unidentified as they were in transit, and had not entered passport control in Amsterdam. The new breakdown on passengers is: Australia: 27 Belgium: 4 Canada: 1 Germany: 4 Indonesia: 12 Malaysia: 44 Netherlands: 173 New Zealand: 1 Philippines: 3 United Kingdom: 9   Related Posts Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 [updated] Malaysia Airlines Passengers by Nationality

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2 Grandmas fly for first time

This is an advertisement for a telephone company but I found it sweet, funny, poignant and touching. It is the story of two older women who fly for the first time. Ria Van den Brand, a 78-year-old grandma from the Netherlands prepared for flying by taking her first-ever roller coaster ride. That scene is priceless! Her late husband had a fear of heights so they never flew. An Bernaards, 71, also had a serious fear of flying. She says: “You wouldn’t get me in one of those for any amount of money. I will just take the…

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