$25 for using Travelocity app

If you download and use the Travelocity app to book a hotel room of $US99 or more, they will give you $25 off the booking. I used it for a resort room in Thailand. The code one uses is MOBILE25. The deal is available until 30th november 2014.

I checked with kayak.com which lists almost all possible rates one can get for a hotel. The Travelocity rate was a good one and the extra $25 was a bonus.

photoI am an ingrate though. I am unlikely to use the app regularly. It does promise exclusive special prices. It will also keep all of my itineraries in the one place but I use Tripit to store my schedules. Thanks for the $25 though!

photo (1)

The app is available at the apple store where you have to have a US itunes account and at Google Play.  It is free to download.


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