Tourist ID bracelets for Thailand?

Source: Reuters

Source: Reuters

Travelling to Thailand, is a relatively safe thing to do.

Considering how many tourists go there, the state of the driving and how much many of those tourists participate in risky and/or risque activities it is astounding most people get home okay! Most end up with nothing more than sunburn! Some tourists, however, get lost or confused after too many drinks and cannot find their hostel or hotel! A number end up in fights or vandalism. Tragically out of the 20 million tourists that visit Thailand, several hundred die and thousands are injured. Most of them are killed in car accidents caused by speeding and/or drunk driving.

Since the high profile  murder of  two tourists  in Thailand this year,  I know that many Thais are dismayed that this event is besmirching their beautiful country’s reputation.



Now, the Thai Tourism minister, Kobkarn Wattanavrangkul (pictured) has a solution to the tourists who get lost, injured or find themselves at risk of other misadventure.

She wants hotels to hand out wristbands to help identify lost tourists. Each wristband will have an id which will show the contact details of their accommodation. She also has said: “The next step would be some sort of electronic tracking device but this has not yet been discussed in detail.”

What about you? Would you wear a bracelet that said “tourist”?
How would you feel about having an electronic surveillance system that your hotel or the police could follow?

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  1. sorry, don’t know of a nicer way to say this: could you be any more clueless about Thailand? seriously.

    2 murders?!? ummm, a whole lot more than that, to go along with the ‘suicides’ that ANYONE who has ever been to Thailand for more than a few days knows about. to ‘save face’ in ways that only Thais seem to think is ok, virtually 90% of murders are ruled suicides when they are often, quite obviously, murders. case in point, the Russian guy who was stabbed 7 times this year- Thai police: suicide. pretty much every farang who is thrown off a balcony committed ‘suicide’ according to Thai authorities.

    And when, even by Thai standards it is impossible to sell suicide… then, of course, the killer’s were either Burmese or Khmer (Cambodian). ‘Confessions’ are beaten out of them.

    i really like THailand. spend a lot of time there. but behind those smiles is often a level of disdain for their foreign ATM’s who buy what they’re selling. when Thai’s snap, they become so violently out of control it’s, well, you’d have to see them in action to understand. they don’t fight to win, they fight to maim or kill- think Tuco from breaking bad.

  2. I think we can argue about who is clueless here! Did you actually read my post? I did not say there were only two murders! I was referring to the high profile murders earlier this year. I think any people who are pushed to breaking point will snap. I try not to generalise about anybody!

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