Virgin presents the most boring movie ever!

Would you watch a 5 hour boring movie for 2500 frequent flyer points?

Virgin America has created “BLAH AIRLINES FLIGHT 101”, a boring, beige and dull five hour and forty-five minute flight set in real time on a flight from Newark to San Francisco. The passengers aboard seem pretty creepy, the pilots bored and tired and the flight attendants over perked.


The film’s trailer can be viewed here:

Already almost one million people have already watched the film on YouTube since the film was uploaded in October, 2014! (Did they skip parts of it -like I did?). The big screen premiere is 10th April as part of the official DIFF Festival Line-Up. The airline has invited Elevate frequent flyer program members and social followers to join the screening. Any festival-goer who makes it through the entire 5 hour and 45 minute film screening will score 2500 Elevate points – the equivalent of a reward flight!

The full movie is below. Let me know how much of it you can watch? (As already mentioned, I fast forwarded it). I know I would not make it through the full showing and can already kiss those 2,500 points good bye.

The risk of this film, of course, is what happens if a Virgin America flight ever approximates Blah airlines? So far my experiences with VX have been universally positive with one exception when they could have better handled a delayed  departure. Still, I rate them as my favourite US airline (with JetBlue in number two place).

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