Navigating Airports – My favourite Apps

I blogged a couple of weeks ago about how I use airports as a place to walk for exercise, people watch and plane spot. I have spent a lot of time in airports and am keen to maximise my productivity. When travelling through airports, these are the apps I go to:


Tripit has been my go to app for five years now and I must admit, I completely rely on it. By forwarding my flight and hotel confirmations to Tripit, the app organises them into complete itineraries that I can access via phone or laptop or even print paper copies.

GateGuru provides me with information on flights, airlines and airports including  weather, terminal and gate arrival and real-time flight information with optional push alerts for flight status. It also provides estimated TSA waiting times, airport restaurant reviews and  location of ATMs and rental car outlets.

ifly: a mobile version of the website, which claims to be “the largest online resource for getting thlounge buddyrough and between commercial airports”. There is a paid version but I use the Lite free version because I mostly rely on gateGuru. I find the iflyer forum to be very helpful, however.

Miflight:  Travellers standing in security lines at airports contribute their wait times to this app so that I know what’s going on as I leave for the airport. It includes information for only 54 airports, however, so there are a lot of missing airports!

Loungebuddy: knowing my airline status, this app links to my Tripit and identifies the Lounges at each airport for every trip I am taking, their facilities and whether I have access to them and their opening hours (see pic right).  For many lounges, the app will even sell instant lounge access! 800 Lounges are listed which are probably more than I will ever get to!

Tripadvisor gives reviews on hotels, activities and even airport facilities! I usually use it for my trip planning but en route it can be very useful. My profile is here.

Uber is my to and from tool especially in the cities where the taxi service sucks. N.B. Many airports disallow Uber so I often grab a ride by walking to an airport hotel or car park.

XE currency is very useful for calculating the airport food prices in my home currency!

There are other apps I use whilst travelling including Kayak, Skyscanner and Airbnb but they sit outside the airport!

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