Boycotted Tiger Airways Australia for 6 years -Time to Reassess?

Six years ago, I was refused the opportunity to check in by Tiger Airways Australia. Out of 1211 flights, this was only one of two times I have been refused check in.

I had shown up 42 minutes before departure time with only carry-on baggage. The airline had no on line check in facility operating and the plane had plenty of seats. But their policy was to close check in a full 45 minutes before departure in contrast to the 30 minutes its competitors give.

I was already not a fan of Tiger Airways Australia but had decided to give them a go. I felt some desire to try and support them after their six-week grounding in 2011 for numerous safety breaches.

Having spurned by Tiger then, it has not been too difficult to not fly them again. With access to lounges, better frequencies and frequent flyer miles with the other two major domestic carriers in Australia (Virgin and Qantas), I have not been tempted to stray from my vow to avoid Tiger.

In the back of my mind was their safety failures which in one case an A320 circled only 500 metres over a suburb unaware they were under the minimum height ceilings. They could have taken out the entire suburb if they had crashed.

The market has changed now.

First up, TigerAir Singapore is being combined into Singapore Airline’s other subsidary: Scoot.

Secondly, Virgin Australia owns all of Tiger.  In early 2013, Virgin Australia purchased a 60 per cent stake in Tigerair Australia for $A35 million. Then in October 2014, they took over the airline completely buying the remaining 40 percent stake for $A1.

Thirdly its safety rating now sits at 5 out of 7 . Tis low compared with Qantas and Virgin Australia who are on 7 out of 7.

Skytrax does not rate them but passenger reviewers only give Tiger a five out of ten, overall score. My own review score gives them 5.6 out of ten! Reviews across other sites also show dismal ratings.

So, tomorrow I fly TigerAirways Australia for the first time for 6 years and 3 days. Will I regret the decision? Find out Tuesday! (Oh, and check in still closes 45 minutes prior to departure)

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  1. Totally understand you. As a frequent light flyer without checked luggage with QF, VA and even JQ of which the check-in close 30 mins before departure, I totally don’t understand why leisure airlines like Tiger Air would not follow their other competitors. Considering the fact they do not encourage pax to check the luggages, I think it would be more sensible to follow other airlines. And C’mon this is 2017, online check-in would be even better!

    BTW, I think boycotting is personal choice. I do respect your opinion about Tiger and would not criticise your choice. After all, this is business and customers have the right to choose. It is not social issues where just and unjust can be easily pointed.

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