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Regrets or No Regrets? Flying Tiger Australia after a six year absence

Some Background: With a Low-Cost Carrier, you always get what you pay for. Last time, I tried to fly Tiger, I discovered to my chagrin, they close their check-in time 15 minutes earlier than any other airline in Australia! I missed the flight by two minutes and I have not been near them for six years! Today’s flight was a return trip from Melbourne to Canberra in Australia. My trepidation Tiger has had a reputation for poor customer service, extensive nickel and diming, delayed flights and lost luggage. So it was with some trepidation that…

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Boycotted Tiger Airways Australia for 6 years -Time to Reassess?

Six years ago, I was refused the opportunity to check in by Tiger Airways Australia. Out of 1211 flights, this was only one of two times I have been refused check in. I had shown up 42 minutes before departure time with only carry-on baggage. The airline had no on line check in facility operating and the plane had plenty of seats. But their policy was to close check in a full 45 minutes before departure in contrast to the 30 minutes its competitors give. I was already not a fan of Tiger Airways Australia but had decided…

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Turbulence in India

The Indian air industry has kept me entertained for the last few years. There has been the saga of the long slow death of Kingfisher which finally vanished last year, the incomprehensible losses at government owned Air India. Profitability for the rest of the sector has continued to elude. Air India and private competitors Jet Airways and Spicejet all announced losses for the fourth quarter of 2013. Air India’s loss for 2013 exceeded the Indian government’s entire higher education budget. It’s outstanding debt stood at 26 billion rupees. The airline’s employees have been facing a…

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Six Low Cost Carrier’s Real Fare costs

I have significant frustration with all of the “extras”, most discount airlines charge and get away with. I understand that airlines want to charge us for our choices (eg carrying a bags on board or choosing to sit at an emergency exit seat).  I don’t agree, however for paying for an everyday seat on the plane. I think it wrong to demand I pay by Credit Card and then charge me a fee to do so. To show taxes as extra also annoys me. I can’t personally make those suckers optional. They should be included in the base…

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