China was the 75th Country I have visited!

After just over half a century of travelling, I have visited my 75th country. An average of 1.5 countries per year through my life. I think this puts me in the top 1 percent of travellers vis a vis countries visited!

27 of those countries are in Asia with 24 countries in Europe, 11 in Central and North America, seven in the Pacific region, four in Africa and just two in South America.

a map of the world with different countries/regions

Apparently, the average Australian has visited six countries. This is lower than the average Brit (10 countries), but higher than the average US citizen (3 countries). So I have been to 69 countries more than the average Aussie.

My rule for visiting a country? While there are some people who include transit stops, I do not. I must have stepped on the ground outside the airport. So while I have flown through Doha, for example, the capital of Qatar, I do not count it because I have never left the airport! My goal is to experience the country from the point of view of the locals; to eat local food, and get a glimpse of what it is like to be a native in that place. If I can make friends with a local, then that is a bonus!

My fave countries?: New Zealand, Iceland, France, Japan, Vietnam and Costa Rica.
My least favourite: Saudi Arabia, Myanmar, Laos

How many have you visited? Where are your favourites?

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  1. Interested in why Myanmar and Laos are in the least favorite category and what years you were there? A big list, but still much to look forward to!

  2. So if you literally go outside the airport and put your feet on the ground it counts?

    My rule is that you must be able to answer the question “What did you do when you were in Country X?”

    If you didn’t do anything, then you didn’t visit – you’re just peak-bagging

  3. Well obviously, I don’t mean literally just leave the airport and stand there! 🙂 I like to immerse myself in a country and experience it from a local’s viewpoint.

  4. Thanks Nate. It was a combination of things. I normally like to connect and interact with the locals and this did not feel at all possible. I also did not enjoy the food.

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