Naked Man in Phuket Airport Hurls Poo

Just when I thought I had heard about all that can happen in an airport along comes this one!

According to the Phuket news, a 27 year old American of Korean descent from New York, was taken into custody at 1130pm on 4th January, 2017 for causing a public disturbance as he walked naked through the Departures Hall of the International Terminal. Mr Cho, an American of Korean descent was booked to fly to Seoul (ICN) on Korean Air’s flight 638 due to depart at 1am the next morning.

It is claimed that  Cho removed his clothes near the security check point. He destroyed goods in the airport’s duty free stores and was yelling incoherently at staff and other passengers.  Six airport security guards together with Saku Police officers and staff from the tourist centre of the airport tried to convince him to calm down.

He then defecated on the floor and grabbed his faeces and threw them at the officers and staff and other passengers. The officers then physically restrained Mr Cho.The airport said: “To control the situation and to prevent any danger that might happen to other passengers, the officers had to arrest the man.”

Mr Cho confessed that he was unaware of his antics as he had taken too many viagra pills. He apologised for his behaviour and said he was willing to pay for any damage to property caused, according to a statement issued by the airport. Apparently, viagra in normal doses can cause anxiety in up to 10% of users. I did not know this was a side effect.

The naked gentleman  was handed over to Sakoo Police for further legal action.  They sent him to a nearby hospital for medical checks and a routine psychiatric assessment before charging him for causing a public disturbance.

Over the New Year period, Airports of Thailand estimated that almost 61,000 passengers a day would pass through Phuket International Airport (HKT). This makes it the country’s third busiest airport after Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi (BKK) with 188,500 passenger movements and Don Mueang with 111,630.

Mr Cho’s flight left at 115am -without him.

The Verdict

What would you do if a naked man in an airport was hurling poo at you? Certainly a new one for me! And it has my Thai friends bemused. 

a speedometer with a needle

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  1. So, you run across this story and the big takeaway, in your opinion is, “See!!!? Americans do bad things too!!!”?

    I suggest you stop fixating on attempting to put everyone into convenient and specific labels. You might then be happier, feel less of a need to preach moral relativism to strangers on the web, and actually be able to appreciate stories like this for what they are.

  2. Thanks the advice -my intention is not to put people into convenient boxes -sorry you saw it that way. My major thought is what u would do if a naked man threw Poo at me not fussed on what his nationality is

  3. I agree with Wes but this is becoming more prevalent: how about this: just leave all the politically correct/identity politics BS out of simple reporting of interesting things or what may be a good travel deal. Everyone else feels the need to tie every ray of light that reaches their corneas to politics, so how about being different and not doing so?

  4. In fairness, the blogger didn’t say anything offensive about this guy, neither has he accuses or labels Americans for anything.
    He simply shares the news which was a talk of the town in Thailand (I’m a Thai person and this news spread all over the country)

    So keep your mind open, and be less sensitive about the news?

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