New Turkish vid combines humour, safety, Lego and planes!

The boring safety announcements are looking more and more endangered as airlines increasingly use their on board safety videos to differentiate their brand. The videos are designed to grab your attention and build your awareness of who you are flying with.

Whoever in the Turkish airlines marketing department managed to involve the Lego franchise was a genius. Everyone (especially if you have small and big kids) will be remembering this video. If you are familiar with The Lego Movies, then the characters and some of their behaviors will be familiar to you.

The safety video stars Emmet Brickowski (narrated by Chris Pratt). Emmet was the lead character in the first lego movie. Slighty goofy, over eager and very excited and passionate about instructions and this video. Perfect safety video host!

He is joined by Wyldstyle (Elizabeth Banks) who is known as being Emmet‘s love interest. Her real name is Lucy, we are told by Brickipedia (yes there is such a thing). She moderates Emmett’s annoying sides.

Emmett and Lucy manage to get into the plane, stow luggage away and get their seat belts organised before Batman (Will Arnett,) arrives to make a “cameo appearance“.

He commands passengers not to smoke on board while posing for selfies and avoiding over eager enemies before disappearing into business class where he struggles to understand that all electronic devices need to be switched off. .

Princess Unikitty (voiced by Tara Strong) attempts to lead a song about safety which Batman is not thrilled about. Superman reveals the emergency exits.

There is much more but you need to watch the video which I am impressed to say is only 3mins 40 secs long. Some other airlines videos can drag. This one does not!

I also liked the way it sent up every airline safety video you have ever seen. You will laugh many times- and your kids may ask why you are laughing at some moments!

But will it make evacuations (when necessary) faster?

Now, I would like that Lego model Turkish Airlines plane. Can someone organise for me please? (Yeah I am a huge Lego nerd)





Turkish airlines are the flag carrier of Turkey and a Star Alliance carrier. Their 327 planes fly to 302 destinations across the globe. They are my tenth favourite airline with warm service and some of the best food I have ever had in the air, across all classes. Their Economy passengers get really looked after well compared with many other carriers. For example, on many sectors there are still free quality amenity kits given. Skytrax rates them as a four star airline and has given them multiple awards. Customer feedback to Skytrax about Turkish Airlines is very mixed, however. I hope the Lego movie cheers them up!


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  1. Love how airlines are creative these days when it comes to safety video and it seems like a competition now because every airlines seems to come up with unique ones.

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