Exciting travel times ahead!


Central Australia near Alice Springs

We are now half way through the year!  It has been a very busy full on year, for me!  So far, in 2019, I have traveled to 19 cities in nine countries on eleven airlines, a couple of rail companies and bus companies.


How about you?  Where has the year taken you?

Loved Auckland and Alice Springs, was fascinated by Beijing, chilled out in Chiang Mai (below) and walked myself silly in Hong Kong (above)!


Hotel Room in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Ran at dawn in 90 degrees F (32 C) to raise funds for defibrillators, slept out all night at a Melbourne’s Cricket ground to raise almost $A60k to tackle youth homelessness and taught English to kids in Bangkok’s Khlong Toey slum.


Bed time in my Qantas pajamas to raise funds for homeless kids


I am very excited about second half of the year. I will be hiking in Slovenia, enjoying Tallin,  Estonia, transmitting through Moscow and having Christmas in Toulouse, France -all places I have never ventured to before. Any tips, thoughts, advice or warnings for the first timer?

Back to London, Paris, Lisbon and New York after a long gap. What must I not miss?

I am booked to fly Portugal TAP   A330neo, a new airline and a brand new plane. (Hopefully their fumes issues are resolved! Scarey). Am trying Russia’s S7 for the first time (which will mean I have flown every One World airline). All going well, I will travel in Qatar’s amazing Q suites,  add a Thai A380 flight to my A380 collection and enjoy first ever flights booked with Japan’s ANA, Taiwan’s EVA. Thanks for journeying with me


Sunset over Bangkok

Bon voyage

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