My 2020 Travel Plans

Thinking through my year’s travel plans. What are you up to?

First up, some fun and crazy runs!!   Marathon du Medoc  is an unusual  French even where ninety percent of runners run in  fancy dress  through Vineyards with drink stops that include wine, oysters or cheese. For non Marathoners, there is  a 10km walk.  I thought I had done my last marathon (I prefer half marathons) but this event is very tempting. Anyone done it?

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Official Photo  Marathon du Medoc\

As a walker and a runner,  I have experienced some very fun routes in my life and will also complete fun runs in Australia, Ireland, Thailand the UK and the USA through 2020.

The year will also include hikes along the WW1 Front where my Grandfather almost died a century ago and in Ireland. Having been to Dublin and Belfast a few times, I want to see more of Ireland and will probably do some sort of circuit around Eire and Northern Ireland. Any  hiking tips welcome!

One of my goals is to visit two new countries each and every year. Last year I went to Estonia (#77) and Russia #78). The Greek Islands have been calling for a long time so this is the year to give into that siren’s call.

Screenshot 2020-01-19 at 11.04.55

Where I have lived or visited in Africa. A lot of map missing!

This year, I will aim for Morocco so I can fly the One World alliance’s newest member Royal Air Maroc from Casablanca to New York and keep up my record of having flown every One World member!

I will also stop in at Malaga and Gibralter.

A revisit to Iceland is due.

2011-03-26 16.53.52

Each year, I try to contribute to the globe through fundraising and volunteerism. Below is my first race for #2020 was supporting the #WOW Women for Women association #สมาคมสตรีเพื่อสตรี The funds are used to empower #marginalised #women with literacy and training to help them build their own #handcrafts businesses. Women supported by the program report incomes that are four times higher as a result of their involvement.


Other causes have included teaching English to slum children, events to try and tackle cancer, support for refugee families  and projects to deal with homelessness. This year, I am involved in  a project to provide a weekend away for Australian Emergency service personnel who have been fighting fires without a break. You can help here with  gifts or sponsorship. Not sure where else I will be involved yet.

Wherever your travels take you, bon voyage.  Thanks for journeying with me.

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