Self Isolation- How to do it

I am in self isolation. Like many over the last few weeks, I have returned home under requirements I not mix with others as I may have been exposed to the COVID19 virus. it can take up to two weeks for symptoms of COVID-19 to appear — although usually they show after five days. So 14 days is on the safe side.


Flying Home….realising I may be contagious

For an extrovert, its a nightmare. Although  the reality is that much I would normally go out to do and see is closed anyway!

If you are sharing your home with others, you should stay in a different room from other people or be separated as much as possible.

Wear a surgical mask when you are in the same room as another person. When in same room, try and be 1.5 metres apart (note some people say 1.5 and others 2)

Use a separate bathroom, if available. Wipe down everything you touch that others will share. Alcohol-based products have been found to be effective at removing virus from surfaces.

Eat well (that means fruit and vegetables, not candy, crackers and chips.  Keep your fluids up. Can someone drop fresh food over (home delivery from family or friends, the supermarket, restaurants)? Otherwise, order home delivery.  They should avoid direct contact with you and place the food at your doorstep. Wave and  chat from two metres away.

Get plenty of sleep

Do not share own crockery or cutlery.

Make sure that you do not share a room with people who are at risk of severe disease, such as elderly people and those who have heart, lung or kidney conditions, and diabetes.

Visitors who do not have an essential need to be in the home should not visit while you are isolating. Schedule some “virtual coffees” with friends and colleagues.

Set goals.

Create a schedule for yourself and your family.   If you are working, structure your day around blocks of work time or goals. If you are not working. time can disappear in social media or Netflix binges. This is a great time to do all those jobs you have been wanting to do. If you get bored, here is an ultimate list of todos!

When in home isolation, you should monitor yourself for symptoms. Watch for:

  • fever
  • cough
  • shortness of breath (difficulty breathing)
  • other early symptoms to watch for are chills, body aches, sore throat, headache and runny nose, muscle pain, or diarrhoea.

If you or someone else in home isolation develops severe symptoms and it is a medical emergency (e.g. shortness of breath at rest or difficulty breathing) you should phone for an ambulance. Tell the ambulance staff that you are in home isolation for COVID-19.

If the symptoms are less serious you should call your doctor or health provider. Wear a mask to any medical appointments

One of the biggest complaints of recent times is that humanity has become too busy. Suddenly, we have an opportunity to have some reflection time.  Use this time to get to know yourself and your family. We can either waste this period of social isolation and be annoyed, frustrated or depressed, or we can choose to make it the best it can be.

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