Lifemiles -no refund on booking fee for COVID19 cancelled flights

So Avianca airlines has detected that my two trips booked with points are “non operational”.  As all of Avianca’s flights are grounded and much of their Star Alliance partners, then the chances of me getting on a plane this month are very low. Can you imagine? I have had no plane flights for a month! Last year I flew seven times a month so it is a shock!

Screenshot 2020-04-14 at 17.29.32

My 2019 Flights. I might have done more traveling if I knew what was coming

The good news is that Lifemiles have offered to refund both the air taxes and  the LifeMiles points. That is nice. Appreciated.

BUT they will still charge me the $US25 fee per booking that they charged to redeem those points on their website! That seems a little customer unfriendly!

Screenshot 2020-04-14 at 17.14.01

Overall, I probably should take this as a win compared with how some customers have been treated through this time. Just feels a little petty.

Stay Safe.

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