Have you been to Thailand?- Help out!

The whole world has been impacted by COVID19. Economically, socially, every single person is having some impact. We think of those who have died from the virus and those currently struggling to overcome it.

Some people have been impacted wore than others. In Thailand, many people have had already meager incomes vanish.


A coalition of groups in Thailand have formed COVID19 AID  to help vulnerable groups across Thailand during COVID-19 through:

  1. 8,000 Care Packages for seniors, low-income families, refugees and people in need
  2. 12,500 Meals for the homeless
  3. Emergency supplies for professionals battling the virus on the frontline.

Goal: 3 million Thai baht over 90 days to help people who are struggling the most.

If you have ever been to Thailand on a vacation, why not consider donating to support this work? I would love to challenge you to think about giving at least 1% of what you spent on your Thailand vacation to this group. 👉Donate here: https://taejai.com/en/d/covid_thailand_aid/

Or there are many other groups and organisations you may consider giving to. Split thaty donation across some. BUT Now is the time.

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