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Eva vs Austrian Premium Economy Dilemma!

Found a great airfare between Europe and Austria with Eva, the Taiwanese five star airline for a seat in Premium Economy. Ticks a few boxes. Great value for money, a five star airline, a new carrier for me and Star Alliance for points earning. Oh and a cool looking amenity kit! I was close to booking this fare, when another Star Alliance carrier’s Premium Economy product popped up. This time it was Austrian for a price point much lower than Eva’s. They use older planes (often on a 767 – which I love). I hear…

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Austrian re organises

Friday has become my day to blog about major changes to airlines. So far, this year, there has been a lot to write about vis a vis airline bankruptcies (Cirrus, Spanair, US3000,  Air Australia, Malev, Air Zimbabwe, Direct Air, Red Jet, GMG) or near bankruptcies ( Armavia, Kingfisher,  Pinnacle). Kingfisher is still flying despite being borderline insolvent. Its has gone from being India’s largest airline to its smallest in just over six months! Pinnacle are re organising. Armavia seem to be still flying. Austrian Air’s CEO has said their situation is “critical”. One of my fellow Boarding Area Bloggers has a great post on Austrian’s re-organisation. The airline has…

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