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Eva vs Austrian Premium Economy Dilemma!

Found a great airfare between Europe and Austria with Eva, the Taiwanese five star airline for a seat in Premium Economy. Ticks a few boxes. Great value for money, a five star airline, a new carrier for me and Star Alliance for points earning. Oh and a cool looking amenity kit! I was close to booking this fare, when another Star Alliance carrier’s Premium Economy product popped up. This time it was Austrian for a price point much lower than Eva’s. They use older planes (often on a 767 – which I love). I hear…

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Dude, Where is my 787?

As we landed in Sydney to connect to our LATAM 787 service to Auckland, we found out via at the LATAM app, that the flight was cancelled. Sure enough, the departure screens at the airport confirmed this. The good news was that we had been re-booked onto an ir New Zealand service leaving Sydney a mere 7 hours later. I love NZ Business Class- its a very solid product but… The bad news was we had specifically booked the LATAM service so we could fly on the 787! They are the only airline offering the 787 between…

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