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May Travels: A Whirlwind Adventure-crazy month

May was a crazy month, packed with adventures, new experiences, and 29 flights through 16 airports with visits to 11 cities! Almost every city had its unique charm, and every flight offered a different story. I went from the furthest northern point of Spokane, Washington, USA (approximately 47.6588° N) to the southern city of Hobart, Tasmania, Australia (approximately 42.8821° S) via Portugal, Philippines, and Japan! I ran in my sixth Bloomsday Race in Spokane, visited friends in vibrant Seattle and bustling Dallas, got to know the charming city of Des Moines, explored the hidden gems…

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US Airways A319: Spokane to LAX

Getting from Spokane to Los Angeles on a Sunday after Bloomsday, a major running race in Spokane, was not as easy or as cheap as I would like. My options were fairly limited as I had to fly out after the race had finished and get to LAX in time to connect to a flight to Australia. I could either travel with Frontier via Denver, Alaska via Seattle and US Airways via Phoenix.  None very cheap! I chose US Airways which is a big step for me! I had studiously avoided them for years after some terrible flights.  More recently,…

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