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First Run for 2016 in Hobart, Australia

I am attempting to do a fun run in a different city each month for 2016. The first run was a 10km (six mile) run in Hobart, Tasmania which is part of the Cadbury Marathon. The Cadbury Chocolate Company are a key part of  the city’s economy with a presence there since 1922. They have sponsored this race for about a decade, I think. The 10km run starts and finishes at the Cadbury factory and runs past the famous Museum of Old and New Art (MONA). The last section of the race includes a steep climb back…

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My Favourite Markets

On business trips, one of the ways I develop some semblance of “normality” is by visiting markets.  On vacations, markets for me, are a must.  Either way, a half hour or hour strolling amongst locals and visitors gazing, eating and bargaining is a great way to connect with a destination. This week, I have been trying to make a list of my favourite markets around the world! Where is your favourite market? Here are my top 25: Asia and Middle East Ladies’ Market,TungChoi Street, Hong kong Cicada Markets, Hua Hin Chiang Mai Walking Street Markets Chatuchak…

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Iceland Northern Lights from USA $899

I know that Iceland has been somewhat topical with a volcano threatening to blow!  It is also one of the most amazing stunning and interesting places, I have ever visited. I have been hankering to go back since my visit there five years ago. On top of that I well and truly want to see the phenomenon known as the Northern Lights. Many years ago, I had the privilege of watching the “Southern Lights” ( Aurora Australis) in Tasmania, Australia. the shimmering, dancing colours is an image I will never forget. My appetite is whetted for their Northern…

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Wednesday Wackiness: Tasmania- MIA

Arnotts, the dominant Australian biscuit (cookie) and cracker manufacturer has created a new cracker in the shape of Australia for the country’s national holiday tomorrow January 26. Some have criticised the crackers because the map does not incude the southern island state of Tasmania (see right) Tasmania has been a separate island for 10 000 years and part of Australia since Federation in 1901 but often gets left off maps, promotional materials, tourist materials. How does one keep the island state in people’s front of mind? A question often asked by the Tasmanian Tourist authorities. In the year to September, 2011…

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Marathoning in Hobart

I have just run a half marathon in Hobart, Tasmania. One of my 2012 steps toward my fitness goal is 12 major runs of 12km (7miles) or more. Of those I aim to do six half marathons. A half marathon is 21km (almost 13 miles). I am aiming to do a half marathon in Paris in March. Maybe one on the Gold Coast of Australia in July. Anyone want to join me?  Or for any of them? Open to suggestions of interesting places to run. Today’s race: The Cadbury Marathon was relatively well organised. There were very…

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