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YOU MUST wear your seat belt on a plane- Graphic warning as to why

I noted on my last Air Asia flight, how much disregard was shown for the seat belt sign with passengers chatting in rows and aisles and wandering up and down the plane even while we went through turbulence. If you have any family members or friends who still believe wearing the seat belt in a plane during turbulence, is optional, show them this post. Last week, Canada’s Transportation Safety Board gave a very strong reminder for passengers to wear seatbelts in their report on Air Canada flight 088 . I am always fascinated by air turbulence stories and this…

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No Place for a Woman

This comes from the category where one hopes the story is fictional. Alas, it checks out as true. A Westjet pilot was left this note by an unhappy passenger after a routine flight  Victoria and Calgary in Canada. The note-writer apparently had questioned flight attendants about Captain Steacy’s ability as soon as she spoke over the PA system to passengers as the plane prepared for take-off. He asked them if she had enough flight hours to be flying a plane? Ironically, Proverbs 31 lauds the virtues of an ideal woman saying not only does she ensure the hime…

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