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No Place for a Woman

This comes from the category where one hopes the story is fictional. Alas, it checks out as true. A Westjet pilot was left this note by an unhappy passenger after a routine flight  Victoria and Calgary in Canada. The note-writer apparently had questioned flight attendants about Captain Steacy’s ability as soon as she spoke over the PA system to passengers as the plane prepared for take-off. He asked them if she had enough flight hours to be flying a plane? Ironically, Proverbs 31 lauds the virtues of an ideal woman saying not only does she ensure the hime…

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JetBlue WestJet Expand Space for Pay

JetBlue has made a lot of fuss about the extra legroom in their cabins. It is one reason I love them. I also have been very happy to pay the premium to get the extra row emergency exit seats. They call this Product “Even More(TM) Space”.  On JetBlue’s Airbus A320 aircraft, Even More Space seats with 38-inches of legroom are offered in rows 2-5 plus emergency exit rows 10 and 11. I like it because not only do you get more room (38″ instead of 33″), you also get Priority Boarding which means your luggage is first…

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US Best and Worst Carriers

The North America Airline Satisfaction Study was released on June 13 showing satisfaction with US  and Canadian airlines declined slightly from the previous year . This survey run  by  J.D. Power and Associates 2012 involves more than 13,500 passengers giving their input between May 2011 and April 2012. Power scores airlines out of 1000 points with points being awarded for  seven factors in this order of importance: Cost and fees In-flight services; Boarding/deplaning/baggage;  Flight crew; Aircraft; Check-in; Reservations, Overall North American airlines rated 681 points down from 683 in 2011. Low cost carriers (average score 754 up 3) performed…

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