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My 2018 Travel Adventures!

No surprises for my friends and colleagues that I flew, railed, rode ferries and drove the equivalent distance of about five times around the world. My focus was predominantly on Asia, Australia and New Zealand with visiting 24 major cities in ten countries at least once. I also dropped in on many smaller towns including Bringalbert, Australia which has a population of 12! Where did 2018 take you? My year started with a fabulous New Year’s Eve in Shanghai, China now one of my top 20 cities in the world. I took 5000 photos through the…

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Stupendous Shanghai

I  rank every city I visit across a variety of factors including aesthetics, culture and transport. Shanghai is the 200th city of over 100,000 people I have traveled to so I am pretty confident in my ratings! Verdict: My Overall Rating: 86% My Ranking out of my top 200 Cities: 22nd place Global Ranking: Mercer – Quality of Living Survey 101st out of 230 and EIU – Best Cities Ranking 33rd out of  70  Financial Time – Asia-Pacific Cities of  8 out of 163 Why it should be visited: Architecture, Cafes, Food, Shops and to understand the future of China…

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23 Tips to enjoy China Travel

Over one billion people call China home. Four of the top ten cities in the world are in China: Chongqing (30m), Shanghai (24m), Beijing and Guangzhou. Possessing some of the world’s oldest continuous history, tasty foods, interesting sites and diverse cities, China has emerged as a very popular destination. Last year, almost 150 million people travelled to China including myself.    Here is what I have learnt about China: You have to get a visa. Make sure you allow time and money to do it. Ensure you have all of your paperwork in order before applying for the…

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My first China Eastern flight -with baby in exit row

Flying China Eastern to China gave me some trepidation. It’s customer service rep is not good.  Overall, I was pleasantly surprised but it was a unique experience in a couple of ways… Booking: 7/10 We chose China Eastern to Shanghai because I could easily use some Delta points I had sitting spare in an account. Travel out of Australia in December is very expensive so being able to cash in 35,000 points plus taxes was a great opportunity. The points value plus taxes meant the fare cost the equivalent of around $US500 with taxes compared with the…

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YOU MUST wear your seat belt on a plane- Graphic warning as to why

I noted on my last Air Asia flight, how much disregard was shown for the seat belt sign with passengers chatting in rows and aisles and wandering up and down the plane even while we went through turbulence. If you have any family members or friends who still believe wearing the seat belt in a plane during turbulence, is optional, show them this post. Last week, Canada’s Transportation Safety Board gave a very strong reminder for passengers to wear seatbelts in their report on Air Canada flight 088 . I am always fascinated by air turbulence stories and this…

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Spring Airlines introduces themed uniforms

Would you fly this airline? Spring Airlines, a Chinese low cost carrier is introducing a series of themed flights for passengers: We’re mixing up our flights with some fun onboard themes – like these maid and butler costumes.  What’s your favourite theme that you’d like to see onboard a Spring Airlines flight?  Let us know .. and we’ll try our best to make your dream come true. Online reaction has been mixed:  You’ve gotta be kidding me. Objectifying [sic] flight attendants is the last marketing/promotion strategy you wanna use. I wonder what your passenger demographics look like.…

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